From spring 2021 we have a new outdoor pool!
Our new Sole - outdoor pool is a bath, which has a sea salt content of 0.5% and helps with skin diseases, allergies, metabolic disorders, kidney diseases, concetration weakness and sleep disorders.

We have a little support and fresh wind at the reception!
Linda, the younger daughter of Sabina has taken over the reception at Hotel Salgart and is happy to welcome you. A few news are waiting for you. Anni and Sabina are still there for you!

New wines from the area!
Our goal is to offer you even more regional products. Therefore we have decided to include more wines from the Merano area in our wine list. It is not necessarily the wineries from Merano but the vineyards. Let us surprise you and enjoy a good drop of wine, from the grapes harvested around the Merano Valley.

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